Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Every child, whether they are in the waiting area of their health clinic or an outpatient on the way to his or her appointment, will be able to take home a brand new book and be read to by our trained volunteers.  It is a wonderful way to promote literacy and provide outpatients and their families with the welcome distraction of a comforting and entertaining experience.

Foster's Mother Day

In partnership with Foster Care Counts, this unforgettable day celebrates foster care parents and the children they nurture. Join us as we provide brand new books, entertaining literacy activities, and backpacks to 2400 foster care children and foster care parents; a meaningful day that will forever change how you celebrate Mother’s Day.

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Workshops & Playdates

In partnership with the Alliance of Moms, Raising Baby is an educational health and wellness day for pregnant and parenting foster youth and their children. With the Department of Probation & Child Welfare, we host an inspiring day of workshops focused on literacy for transitional aged youth.


For the children we serve, backpacks have many uses. They are not only for carrying books but also for safely transporting all of a foster care child’s possessions as they move from placement to placement. Through our partnership with SydneyPaige Inc, we are able to provide sturdy, high-quality backpacks that any child would be proud to own.

Community Service

Our community service program brings together a group of dedicated youth to promote the TBF mission.  These committed teens are empowered to run our Story Corner activities.  Whether it is reading with kids, creating superhero capes and sticker projects, or helping young authors with Write Brain Books story mats, teens go one-on-one with the children and families we serve and qualify for community service hours.

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The Holiday Party

With our partners at Foster Care Counts, Book Truck, Write Brain Books, The BBQ Brethren and Symphonic Jazz Orchestra, TBF sets up our Book Nook & Story Corner for a once-in-a lifetime holiday party for the 100s of foster care youth, their caregivers and the local Boys and Girls club community.

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